Welcome to I.V. universe

Open the window and take a sneak peek into my world – inspirations, aspirations, thoughts and my daydreamer’s approach to reality. (wink, wink) I have started this blog with the intent of learning and sharing more about fashion, style and other hedonistic interests you’ll get to know more about as we continue to evolve together. So whenever you feel like … More Welcome to I.V. universe


Source: Instagram You may have seen white bandanas and the hashtag #tiedtogether overflowing your social media feeds. What is this frenzy all about and why has it gone viral? Tied Together is a movement organized by The Business of Fashion in support of solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness, but also raising awareness and funds for the ACLU and … More #TiedTogether

New beginnings (?)

January is considered to be the symbol of a fresh start, beginning of a new year and a chance to put in motion resolutions we have been drafting up during previous months – being a better version of ourselves, exploring weaknesses and transforming them into strengths, living in the moment, making more time for us and … More New beginnings (?)